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Swift Seisiun: Every Tuesday Night 9:30 - 11:30
Second Annual NYC Oyster Festival- Sat. Oct 2
Swift and Puckfair celebrate Octoberfest!!
Site Design: The Drawing Space Puck fair, Swift and Ulysses are three unique and authentic Irish bars located in New York City. Swift's patrons enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Lower East Side and a wide variety of draft and bottled beers. Puck Fair is nestled in the heart of Soho and boasts three floors, live DJs and the perfect pint of Guinness. Ulysses, located in the financial district and celebrates the opening of its outdoor patio, Stone Street Cafe and one of the longest bars in New York City.

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Tips For Photographing A Party

The parties are probably the moments when more photographs are taken per minute, but the quantity does not always go hand in hand with quality. You will have found on countless occasions that the photographs of a celebration are almost all the same and very similar to those of other parties, the guests in the same pose and in the night or indoor parties, the dark or almost black background, say more black than the mouth of the wolf. When we talk about parties, we talk about a birthday, a party on a disco, a party at the end of the year, a costume party, an anniversary, a party because we feel like it or any other you can think of. They can be day or night, indoor or outdoor, being the conditions very variable, for that reason, we can not do a tutorial to tell you how to adjust the parameters of your camera, but we can give you some general advice that will serve you for any type of celebration and that will help you to immortalize that moment obtaining some more interesting results. do you want to sign up in the party? Well, join wedding photography services Singapore along these 17 tips today.

17 tips for photographing a party

1. Work in manual mode. The first and most important rule is that if you want to get some interesting photos, you forget the automatic mode and you get it with the manual mode. Make the shots you need to adjust the appropriate parameters according to the light conditions you have.

2. Avoid the flash. Whenever you can, avoid it to get more natural photos, although in many cases it will be essential. If you use it indoors and at night, the lens will be very bright but the background will be black and part of the scene will be lost. In case you have to use it, use an external one, the integrated barely covers a very short distance and also you can not bounce it. And if you want to know how to take photos with natural light, do not forget to read this article .

3. Depth of field. If you photograph guests placed on different planes, it enlarges the depth of fieldso that everyone leaves focused. If they are in the same plane you can reduce the depth and thus obtain more luminous photos.

4. Upload the ISO. In this type of parties it is usually more important to capture the moment than to obtain an excellent image quality. Do not be afraid to upload the ISO of your camera if the lighting conditions are limited, even if this means that your photos have some noise. At normal size the noise will hardly be appreciated.

5. Point measurement. Use the point measurement mode instead of the automatic measurement to ensure a better result.

6. Shoot in RAW. When shooting in RAW, later you can adjust the white balance. If you do not know what I’m talking about, be sure to read this post .

7. Take several shots. In this way you will have more chances of getting a suitable picture in which all the guests leave with their eyes open, also you will avoid that the photo is spoiled by a bad gesture of someone you catch unaware.

8. Do not forget the rules of composition. At parties we usually leave aside the rules and everything that hugs us, however, in this case you can not park the rules of composition. Here you have a review. Skip them only when you do it intentionally;).

9. Capture the preparations. If you have the opportunity, try to capture images of the preparations, your friends or family preparing the food, others placing the decorative elements, the arrival of the first guests who dare to help …

10. Immortalize important moments. Anticipate at certain moments of the party and be prepared not to miss them. What would be your story if you do not get the time to blow the candles, a toast, the hug of two family members or friends who have not seen each other for a long time, the opening of gifts …?

11. Take advantage of the lights to obtain the Bokeh effect. Mario explains here how to achieve them, step by step.

12. Show the environment. When you arrive, take photographs that show the atmosphere and decoration of the place. First make some larger shots that show the whole scene and then focus on the details, these are always important and can tell a lot about any event. Take a moment to photograph parts of the table, food, candles, balloons, banderillas or any other decorative element, also part of the party.

13. Get spontaneous images. Although you will have to take pictures of groups in which the guests pose, try to find spontaneous moments, they will tell much more about the party and they will be more fun to contemplate later.

14. Be creative . Play with the perspectives, photograph from unusual angles, capture the movement of a dance with slow fillings, improvise a “photocall” … In short, let your imagination fly and get different photos.

15. Tell a story. Do not limit yourself to taking pictures of people and objects, it’s a party, with a beginning and an end. Tell in pictures what is happening from start to finish, so that whoever sees the pictures later, can feel what has happened.

16. Do not forget to leave. I am convinced that more than once you regret to see the photos you have taken on a trip, a party or any other event, for not going out in them. Lovers of photography tend to photograph everyone but then we never appear portrayed. Pass the camera to someone and let them portray you, in a few years you will like to see you. Yes, look for someone you know is more or less familiar with photography, I would not think to pass the camera to my grandmother, sure it would come out of everything in the photo minus her granddaughter😉

17. Have fun. You’re at a party, do not forget, if you have fun, your photos will be more cheerful and fun. If you dedicate only to observe through the viewer and see how others have a good time, the task will be much more tedious and the images will not be so interesting.

You already know that what is not practiced is not withheld, surely you have a party around the corner where you can practice my humble advice. And if you do not have any celebration in sight … what are you waiting for to organize it? Life’s two days!

The business model that drives BlackBerry to get away from the red numbers

BlackBerry, the once giant of smartphones, wanders in a complex process of restructuring, after losing more than 90% of its value in the stock market in the last five years. The arrival of the iPhone in 2007 and the expansion of Android impacted the BlackBerry business. In mid-2008, the stock was priced at US $ 147. In addition to heading the Nasdaq, the market capitalization exceeded US $ 77 billion.


The presidential election in the US was a tremendous contribution to the brand, because the candidate for the White House, Barack Obama, recognized that without his BlackBerry he was lost ??. They were moments where the most powerful man in the world did not skimp on recognizing his addiction to the Qwerty keyboard apparatus.


While Apple’s iPhone offered design and innovative capability, which was accompanied by a successful marketing strategy, BlackBerry disregarded this irruption.


In mid-2008, the market began to turn its back on the firm. Between June and December of that year, the action of the technology fell from US $ 147 to less than US $ 40. In part, the decrease was explained by the release of Android, which took place in the last quarter of 2008.

With the emergence of Google’s operating system, even the smallest phones had something to say in the market. The industry was even more complex with a Nokia that began negotiations with Windows for the creation of a new platform for mobile phones. With the appearance of free applications, the hallmark of the Canadian firm, the BlackBerry Messenger, was replaced by WhatsApp, losing another added value.


Despite the market power it lost, finances did not suffer dramatically, at least until 2012.


Last year, at 11 Wall Street, analysts were already discussing the end of BlackBerry, but from Waterloo executives had another idea: to relaunch the brand and business model.

The process began with the resignation of its executive presidents, Mike Lazaridis (founder) and Jim Balsillie, in search of a reorganization. This would come from the hand of the new CEO, Thorsten Heins.


The first measure of the new administration was announced on January 30 and was to change the name of the firm Research In Motion (RIM) for its flagship product: BlackBerry.The second announcement that day was the launch of the Z10, the new BlackBerry PGP, which seeks to be the standard for a company that does not want to disappear. The new model takes the trend of touch screens over the physical keyboard and points to user interaction.


BlackBerry has ensured that sales of the Z10 are above expectations and, according to analysts who follow the firm, the emergence at the end of April of the Q10, model with Qwerty keyboard, has had a good reception in the market.


Juan Cardona, director of BlackBerry for the Southern Cone, explains that the new phones will boost the operating system, which includes a duality platform that allows work and leisure to be separated in the use of mobile phones.This initiative seeks to empower companies to choose BlackBerry for their workers and they will benefit from being able to separate the work contents from the personal ones.


Cardona indicates that negotiation with telephone providers is important in the new strategy, since the accessibility that these may have with the firms, or even governments that hire these devices, can be the difference. Therefore, something is clear: BlackBerry will continue to target the corporate world, where a few years ago it managed to be synonymous with success.

How to take advantage of the services of a locksmith for commercial business clubs

When we hear the word locksmith, the first thing that comes to mind is a professional who is responsible for opening a broken lock or when we have lost the keys. And it is normal, since the opening of doors is the most usual task of an emergency locksmith. However, there are other tasks that correspond to an expert in locksmithing, especially if you have been dedicated to the profession for many years. Know some of the services that a good locksmith epping can do, because surely you are interested in more than one; you will be surprised

Installation and manufacture of doors and metal parts

As its name suggests, a locksmith is a metallurgy professional. This means that in your workshop you can manufacture all kinds of metal objects, such as tables and wrought iron headboards , bars or metal doors. In addition, it will be responsible for the installation of any of these objects, as well as the repair of these.

When a gate, a fence or a sheet of any kind has suffered damage, the locksmith is the one who can best tell you if it has a solution or, if on the contrary, it is preferable that you change it for a new one. Locksmith workshops Madrid works very closely with workshops and individuals, contributing not only to cost savings, but to the use of materials.

Opening and repair of car locks

If we have left the keys inside the car and have closed the insurance, we have broken the bowler trying to steal or we have just suffered some other incident related to the locks of a vehicle, the locksmith can help us. It is the right professional to repair these locks, open the car door without causing damage or copy the key, including those with electronic coding, which are the most common. There is no need to go through the mechanical workshop, as long as the problem has only affected the lock and there is no damage to other components. There are not many Manel Grau locksmiths in Tarragona who carry out these works every day, so this is also a very common service within the guild.

Change and opening of emergency locks

Obviously, we can not stop talking about the most traditional services performed by a locksmith. The keys that remain inside the house, the attempts to enter that cause breakages and prevent the door from being opened or the replacement of a lock with a more secure one, must be carried out only by real professionals. Otherwise, not only could we be paying more for a job, but we would feed a market that is endangering the sector. And it is that the intrusiveness in the urgent services within the scope of the locksmith is the main factor by which this union has certain bad fame, completely undeserved.

If you need to contact an emergency Madrid locksmith service , trust only those who have been dedicated to this work for years. It is the only way to obtain an effective and lasting result, with more than reasonable rates, taking into account the hours and days in which they sometimes have to come to solve a problem in question, and that is not for nothing denominates like “locksmiths of urgency”.

Guidelines and dangers of the amazing HCG diet party!

The weight loss diets rely on very different methods, but certainly the proposal from the HCG diet is one of the most striking. A combination of hormonal injections along with a severe diet limited to 500 calories per day that promises abundant and rapid weight loss.

This diet proposes the use of injections of the hormone HCG, which is released naturally during pregnancy, sending a signal to the hypothalamus so that the accumulated fat in certain areas, such as the hips or abdomen , is directed to the growth of the fetus. By artificially injecting or supplying this hormone with drops, the same effect is achieved, which makes it possible to support a very low calorie diet without going hungry.

Guidelines and dangers of the HCG diet

Injections or drops of the HCG hormone are given three times a day, one shot before each meal. These meals are firmly restricted, after two days of free consumption of calories and consumption of fat that accumulates for the rest of the cycle begins the most intense and long phase of the diet.

In this second phase meals can only be made up of one hundred grams of white meat or fish and accompanied by only one type of vegetable. A small amount of bread and fruit is allowed to accompany or snack between meals, along with the consumption of liquids (water, coffee and tea without sugar). This period has a duration of three weeks, after which it is passed to a phase of consumption of 1500 daily calories, provided that avoiding pasta, rice, potatoes and sweets. Once the diet is finished, a second cycle can begin with the same guidelines.

The defenders of this diet ensure that there is no risk as long as it is done under medical supervision, but among the side effects are nutritional deficiencies, headaches or fatigue, which is why it is not recommended to play sports when the diet is being followed HCG In any case it is not recommended to perform more than four cycles in a row to avoid long-term problems.

These keys are easy to locate, and the metal cabinet doors open without making a single noise. In each compartment there are hundreds of manila paper folders squeezed between two aluminum rods; Each file is labeled with the date of death, and they are sorted alphabetically by last name. I look in sections M and W, trying to locate what I know I will not find there: the autopsy reports of McBride and Ernie. I also know where those folders are: firmly wedged between the sweaty palms of the two obese and blond cyclists.

I’m about to terminate my investigation. The lack of evidence and the time lost make me regret this unplanned visit; Then I discover a small sub-compartment in the back of the last drawer; It is a metal box, with a closed padlock. You need another keychain key, a small one that almost goes unnoticed, to open the lock and the box. Inside I find a red spiral notebook, bound in foot !, perfect for pointing out names and addresses, and the like. I scan it anxiously, prepared for the surprise, but all I find are seemingly fortuitous numbers and letters. For example: 6800 DREV. 3200 DREV.

Underneath is a First National Bank depository, and it seems that Dr. Nadel has been getting money up until a long time ago. To be more exact, he made regular income until Dec. 28, three days after Raymond McBride was found dead in his office. Then, sporadically, there are impositions throughout the past year, and it is these numbers that coincide with those that appear in the notebook. The 6,800, for example, represents $ 6800 that was deposited in this account last December, and the $ 3,200 was entered a few months later. Now all I need to find out is what the letters DREV mean. I find no deposit made on the days following Ernie’s death-the nearest one is thirty-nine days after I received the news-

But I am also sure that I will not do it here. I pick up my new belongings, lock the filing cabinets, and return to the lobby. I climb the stairs and walk down the aisle just in time to watch an exhausted Wally enter the morgue to explain to Mr. Little that in the last ten hours his dear Myrtle has stepped off the stainless steel stretcher and has left; To tell him that, somehow, he has deserted from death.

An unexpected and sudden lack of basil has left my body free of herbs for more than three hours and, despite the occasional pangs of pain radiating from the depths of my chest, I feel satisfied to see that cobwebs begin to fade Which had formed in the corners of my mind. I have no special interest in remaining more than strictly necessary in this state of good sense, but while it lasts I can use it to make some sensible reasonings:

There is no doubt that I must not forget Judith, Raymond, and Sarah Archer, and that thing that attacked me in the alley – all deserves more than a fleeting thought – but if I really want to get to the heart of the matter, I must begin with Principle, even if only to justify the expense account. I must start again for the Evolution club.

Donovan Burke, the owner of the nightclub, was leaving with the representative of the Metropolitan Council and beautiful American girl Jaycee Rolden, who disappeared without leaving a trail on the crowded platform of a railway station, which made her shattered lover seek her unsuccessfully Across the northeastern United States. Fact. Donovan Burke then left New York and traded his failed romance for the simple, quiet, urban values of Los Angeles, where he opened a nightclub, which burned to the ground despite the intervention of a trained firefighter team and the use of Forty thousand liters of water. Fact. During this fire, Donovan Burke risked his life to the point of staying inside the premises even though the flames were licking his body. Fact. And now an assumption: DonovanBurke, tormented by affective problems, was not an uncle who felt especially attached to this world.

A flash-back of conversation with Judith McBride, and his statement regarding the relationship that kept Donovan and Jaycee, “Donovan and Jaycee were deeply in love , ‘he said yesterday, but infertility can change a partner in a way that You can not imagine. “Perhaps Donovan Burke had decided to throw the towel in relation to that matter. Maybe it triggered the nightclub fire as a kind of grandiose suicidal gesture. He might have been fed up with costumes and lies, and the pain of knowing he would never be who he really wanted to be. Two different worlds, and all that roll.

And this is where the above mentioned wisdom comes into play. Judith McBride told me that the doctor who was treating Donovan and Jaycee, who allowed Donovan to hope to defeat the system that has been so useful to us for three hundred million years, the geneticist whose experiments could someday make the mixture between A velociraptor and a Coelophysis, was none other than Dr. Emil Vallardo.

And so it is about an hour later, after a horrendous traffic jam on Park Avenue-in comparison to this, the peak hour in Los Angeles resembles Montana’s extensive prairies-I find myself in Dr. Emil’s private office Vallardo, waiting for the famous doctor to arrive. Although my amateur cryptography as to the letters DREV in Nadei’s notes was wrong, this is as good a place as any other to start my research. It is possible that Dr. Vallardo – Doctor Merryvivo, as he was called at Council meetings because of the widespread rumor that he used centrifuges in his crossbreeding experiments – does not have any pertinent information to bring to this case, but Ernie always Taught that the coincidences do not exist.

Dr. Vallardo is not at the moment in the clinic, or at least what the receptionist has told me, but he will return at any moment. After an elegant washing and drying of charm by her sure servant, the secretary is kind enough to let me take a seat in the doctor’s private office, and although I have the feeling that Dr. Vallardo will not approve this decision, I feel much happier leaning my buttocks on this overstuffed leather chair instead of those hard plastic benches in the waiting room. At least I can take the time to take a look at the multitude of diplomas and certificates covering the wooden walls. It is unfortunate that the whole exhibition makes me feel intellectually inferior.

University jobs in Corneil. Great. I met a stegosaurus who studied in Corneli, and now works in the field of cars to be able to live; In agreement, is dedicated to design them, but still … Bachelor of Medicine, specialized in Obstetrics by the Johns Hopkins. Overvalued. Oh, and a PhD in Genetics from Columbia University. The problem with this guy is that he has too many letters behind his name: Emil Vallardo, MD, Ph.D., OB-GYN. It does not sound half as nice as Vincent Rubio, IP. Mine sounds infinitely better and would certainly be much more appealing on a TV show. Visit midatlanticobgyn.com


For 2016, Mimi has recovered a beauty. And the change, it begins in the kitchen: former chef Éloi Dion has been replaced since January by Ali El Garani, passed by La Buvette Simone, the Hambar or the Pullman. A year after its opening in Old Montreal, the bar and night club offers a brand new menu. But the kitchen remains “disheveled”, as promised by the website of Mimi the Night: “We do not take the head, it’s no fuss here,” assures Edward Zaki, the owner.

The menu has been extended, with more dishes of the day and homemade sausages – one of the specialties of the new chef. The menu now offers an audacious blend of comfort food and fresh, light cuisine: you can eat a scallop ceviche or a kefta burger. “It’s a much more accessible new kitchen faucets, in a refreshment style. People want something friendly but still good on the plate, comments Edward. In short, the result is well balanced. “

A menu with no way, less gastronomic, more simple and accessible, with dishes that you can eat standing and with one hand – which adapts better to the context of bar and nightclub. “We kept the blackened chicken hay sauce [specialty of Mimi] and other dishes, but we wanted less butter and sauce and more bar food, but well done. More things roasted and grilled too. At the end of the meal, the new pastry chef Kimberley Legaré-Baril offers four small desserts that are much more elaborate.

Contemporary cuisine blends a decoration of wood and metal, warmth and modernity – a setting that has earned the Mimi the jury prize of Commerce Design Montréal 2015. Rather large, the Mimi the Night also has three Private rooms for groups. “You can accommodate corpos events in a different environment,” says Edward, “brick walls, a more hushed atmosphere, no white tablecloths … We also have visual equipment available. “

The dining room can accommodate those who want to get away from the bar, where the cocktails are always as inventive. On the atmosphere, the music is more present; It is also to adjust to this nightlife atmosphere that the menu has been modified. In short, the Mimi takes a more festive turn!

My skin is not afraid of black! I’m ready to go out at night!!

It’s been several dozen tickets I beard with my bathroom évinçage, essential to prevent the heart attack to He-Man on removal in 2011.
Given the sorry state of my skin suffering the pangs of Implanon ( implant invisible and forgettable contraception if there were not so many side effects  ) I cracked.
But I cracked reasonably.
And it’s all Karine’s fault first!

She had written a laudatory note on the site  Sasa , a webseller domiciled in Hong Kong at which I would never have ordered usual. I was too frightened to buy so far, and especially to buy products whose composition and promises were written in Asian hieroglyphics.
But my skin was really too rotten, you had to do something. And the price of the dollar was super advantageous, I had no reason not to crack!
Here I sincerely hope Musclor read the previous paragraph and it will thus be understood that these purchases were necessary  .  Really  .  REALLY He-Man, I swear!  )
First I dutifully filled in on the Internet, helping to blogs Maximum! I spotted some anti-acne products (  wé when I tell you that my rind is a messI not lie to you huh  ) and have consulted the various reviews. A peel-off mask seemed to be unanimous:  the Black pilaten Mask marketed by shills.
He had several arguments in his favor:

I do NOT speak voluntarily to the Sasa command itself (  which happened more than well  ^^) which will make the subject of another post, when I have had the opportunity to have ordered several times on this site .

By cons, know that the shills brand originated in Taiwan and has not really natural compositions but sells a few bestsellers, including the  Black Mask  . On the other hand, prices encourage crackling CB cracking.

On first use  ,  I almost scream scandal in my bar’s bathroom .

After opening the black box and discovered the tube, I really thought it was me who had formed entuber: pressing the body, very flexible, I heard old farts  Sproutch sproutch , the kind of noise Which reach us when the tube is at the end of its life.

Yet it was sealed my tube, merdalors 0_O

In fact I realized: in carton stamped  Sasa , the tube was packed horizontally (must say it had to be damn rattles the widget, he still traveled 9400 km!) And saw the texture I discovered the next day, when I postponed my first test, I quickly barely had to let gravity do its job so that the mask comes out properly from the small hole of the lid.
In effect,  the texture could not be more “plastic”  .
It’s not complicated: I’m sure if I put a Tupperware in the oven, I would get the same kind of viscosity. You see the table.

That said, it’s damn funny since it is relatively compact so  you do not lose any of the product  but against it should not hesitate for ages before applying as it gets cotton to spread.
For the photo, gravity has worked too much and my nutty looks like a fluid when in reality, when it comes out of the tube, it looks like a big drop that holds straight on the finger.
Note the presence of  Polyvinyl  in the composition, the element that allows the mask to stiffen. See that I was not far away with my Tupperware.
If we look more closely, sure:  we do not pat on the natural  but I’ve seen much worse. We thus find a paraben, recently disrupted endocrine disruptor but also EDTA tetrasodé, reputed irritant.
For that price I did not expect any-bio anyway!

Today, I am committed to certain rituals of beauty, the same ones that allowed me to find a skin almost rid of all my imperfections! The Black Mask is part of a quintet of products that have become indispensable to me quickly . I have 7 applications for the moment and I have adopted the right reflexes to make the most of it.

First of all, and as every day, I clean my face. Twice a week, I erase. And half the time, after the scrub and perfectly dry, I spread my  Black Mask  , enjoying my pores are dilated to dislodge the most blackheads.

What surprises at first so it’s  very rubbery texture  of black ebony product. It delivers serious chemical is certain and the smell that comes closest to the dough rest plastic. I have widely known better level olfactory sensations, but I am ready to spread a stuff that stinks if it is effective.
Then I hasten to spread the texture before it stiffens on the parts of my anatomy concerned:  if I’d generously tartouillée ALL the visage in my first useI never made that mistake again  : In some places, the skin is very fine and although I am a maso hair in my soul, I thought I was going to tear the skin out of my jaw.
So today my intake is limited to the snitch, the snitch wings, cheeks, forehead and chin .

Two mask hazelnuts, enough to target the areas concerned as we recall: not too much and need a thin enough to see the virtues of  Black Mask .
Then shills recommends waiting 20 minutes , during which I am working at various glamorous tasks like dishes or laundry. Or else I can get to the bottom of my couch. Fortunately, given the summer period, there is no risk that a garbage collector or a firefighter will knock on my door to sell his calendars, something that happens systematically in winter when I have a suspicious thing spread on the pear.

By cons, Musclor phone me  tou-days  during the exposure time and his favorite game at this moment is to try to make me laugh to hear small yelps morons who tear my face, because  the mask solidifies enough quickly  . Appearance shiny at first, its black then becomes smooth. I feel like a vinyl record melted on my face. It’s pretty funny. But as usual, the thought of removing this stuff makes me much less laughing.

It's not dry yet!

It’s not dry yet!

And yet my apprehensions fly away very quickly.
I practice the “hamster technique” or “goldfish” which consists of inflating his cheeks or pouting to take off the edges of the mask, without scratching with a nail at the risk of damaging the skin. Once the edges are raised, simply grab it and then pull it gently or as a dressing. It is very easy to remove and unlike peel-off I’ve already triedit does share that in two or three large pieces .

I adore you!

So for sure  ,  it’s not good huh . It would be like saying that a hair removal is always a part of frank laughter: nobody gobble it.
But honestly I expected worse, it’s quite bearable. Besides if you have fluff on the pear, it will squirt at the same time as the pimples.

It’s ready!

But the real happiness is to look at the surface of the dried mask and to see that he did his job well. So for the first time in my life, I could see a big black dot embedded in my cheek, embed itself just as deeply on the mask. Youpii!
Usually they are very difficult to jarter this area, but the  Black Mask  effortlessly succeeds. I spare you the photo of the said black dot, but it is not the envy that I failed to show it to you, gniark gniark.

Il ne reste que quelques tout petits morceaux de masque dispersées à divers endroits de mon visage. Mais en quelques giclées d’eau, tout disparaît alors que croyez-moi, si un morceau noir vient choir dans le lavabo, c’est beaucoup plus coton à nettoyer.


This is AFTER the withdrawal sensations that are less pleasant …
So obviously and as recommended on the tube, I am generous slice of moisturizer right after (  because there aggression issue  ,  one can hardly do better!  ) And I see that my Skin is incredibly smooth.

But  I feel always very small tingling  that are  not  due to an allergic reaction, but the withdrawal of the stiffened mask. As if I were sinking tiny needles into my skin. This effect lasts only ten minutes but I wanted to point not to frighten potential future users of the  Black Mask  who might think to some visceral reaction: no, it saque a bit, this is normal. We wait wisely and it passes by itself.

But what about its real effectiveness then?

For my part, it is absolutely undeniable: I can estimate with near certainty  the loss of two-thirds of my blackheads piffesques!
On the cheeks, the big ones disappear by sight, and I have no more on the chin or on the forehead !! A real cosmetic miracle that I no longer hoped for!
Combined with the action of my other imported products become fetishes, I no longer have big buttons that arise even in ragnagnas, and my skin is really clarified, much less blurred.

Never I would have expected such results but it is clear that they are there, hiiiiiiiiiiiii!

In 2 or 3 large pieces <unk>

I found a newborn skin  ,  and one of the key steps towards this new epidermal era was the acquisition of a peel-off mask  , absolutely uncompromising with impurities  .

The Black Mask Shills has some flaws as its smell not glop  ,  chronic trouble making out the product tube and especially the sensations post-withdrawal not very pleasantbut for the rest  ,  it all good!

Relatively cheap, it may be difficult to source (  Sasa.com is out right now  ,  but remember that Ebay is your friend  ) but  its effectiveness imperfections is re-dou-table !
I have almost no black spots on the face, an unexpected miracle. In addition one can choose the areas to be treated, something impossible with the patches. It is very easy to spread but more to remove a masochistic ritual that eventually you will appreciate seen efficiency.
I have no way of checking how much product remains seen me  completely opaque black tube , but after 7 or 8 masks, it remains in me yet. And anyway I took care to build up a small stock by buying ready-made mask sheets, marketed by the same brand.
However I do NOT recommend this great mask for dry or normal skin  .
For me who has mixed and sensitive skin (  yes it is not incompatible!  ), It is absolutely perfect. For oily skin, it will probably be the Holy Grail ^^
If I had one small complaint to make, I’d love it sells a larger tube, because I am hooked!

With this Black Mask at edifying price-quality ratio, your skin will not crush any more black.

There comes the FIT NIGHT OUT!

Comes, for me, one of the most anticipated nights of the year. After successful nights of fashion or culture finally in Madrid the “FIT NIGHT OUT”, the first night open gyms in the capital . The event, aimed at women and organized by Women’s Health and the Community of Madrid, will allow for the first time the  main gyms  of the Community of Madrid unite for a common goal: to invite all women to practice sports  at night and offer attractive discounts and promotions for those who make their registration to the gym during the night of May 29.

The same day 29, 18 to 22 hours, you can participate in the master class organized by Women’s Health and the Community of Madrid taking place in the Plaza Mayor .  A perfect plan to do with your girlfriends, your sisters, your mother, your daughters …
11One night in which you can try many of the disciplines of fitness we talked on the blog, as Zumba, Body Combat or yoga (with Lauren Imparato), meet some of the best clubs in Madrid (more than 100 open their doors!), participate in single sessions and take exclusive gifts.

A great night for the sport and for all women of Madrid. A different way to have fun, to meet people which likes to exercise and care, an opportunity to try activities that maybe you finally snagging exercise.

To attend the master class you have to book your place formalizing your registration on the website of Women’s Health . Once you receive the form will send a personal invitation for you to have exclusive access to the activities of the “FIT NIGHT OUT” in Plaza Mayor and you can pick up right there the official pack the event. Remember! To attend the Fit Night Out in Plaza Mayor registration is required.

Body Factory, Home Wellness Studio, Fitness 19, 02 Centro Wellnesss, Reebok Sport Club, Virgin Active, Curves, Dream Fit, Fit Shop Pro … The entrance to over 100 sports clubs that open their doors on the night of May 29 will be free . Consult the website those involved and I visit everyone you can!You’ll find exclusive activities, discounts and registration.

In addition to leveraging to visit and try classes at the gym that have near home or work and still not you have pointed out , the “FIT NIGHT OUT” gives you the opportunity to dance or do yoga in such an iconic place Madrid as the Plaza Mayor . If the weather is good , it can be an absolutely magical night. And for those who do not know to Lauren Imparato I advance that is one of the best yoga teachers in the world , who will come direct from New York to Madrid to teach in the “FIT NIGHT OUT”.

You can stay informed through the website of Women’s Health, Facebook and  Twitter , and share your experience with the #fnomujeractiva hashtag .

Do not miss it!

The types of coffee in Restaurant and Bar

Order a coffee in a bar or restaurant for breakfast or dessert together is something very common. But you know the types of coffee that exist in Hospitality and how to prepare them? Here is a selection of the most popular cafes in bars and restaurants:

Black coffee: the equivalent of the Italian espresso.

Coffee cut: a black coffee, add 2 to 4 cubic centimeters of hot or cold milk, as requested by the customer. It is served in a small cup, while coffee is served only cup of mocha.

Coffee with milk: half coffee, half milk.

Decaffeinated coffee: can be machine or envelope.

Café Carajillo: traditionally, brandy is heated with a few coffee beans and lemon peel. The freshly brewed coffee is added to the mixture to then filter coffee beans and lemon peel.

Café Bonbon: for sweet lovers: a lot of black coffee with a generous dose of condensed milk over. It is served in crystal glass and mix a delicious caramel flavor is formed.

Café Belmonte is a dreamboat a slug of brandy.

Stained glass of milk: a glass of milk with just a little coffee.

Milk and milk: I like coffee, but has a half milk and half of condensed milk.

Viennese coffee: its basic components are coffee and cream or cream. Similar to Irish coffee, but no alcohol.

Irish coffee: 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 1/4 Irish whiskey, 2/4 of black coffee, 1/4 of cream. Put the sugar in a glass with whiskey. Heat it with the vaporizer and then, turn to burn the alcohol in it. Add a medium cup of coffee and stir just until sugar dissolves well. Add the semi-whipped cream carefully to remain on the surface.Sprinkle a little ground coffee or a coffee beans.

Coffee balalaika: proceed like the Irish, but substitute vodka for Irish whiskey.

Turkish coffee: boiling water when boiling coffee is incorporated, with or without sugar, depends on taste. Let it boil and added with a few drops of cold water. This last operation must be 3 consecutive times. It is served in a jug service, medium or small cup.

Coffee capuccino : put a coffee. Heat the very cold milk with the vaporizer in a jar, thereby forming abundant and consistent foam. Pour the milk foam; it should be at the top. Serve with sugar.

Russian coffee: put two scoops of ice cream or vanilla, to suit the client. Add iced coffee. It can be incorporated sugar syrup. If there are no coffee granita, it can be used a black coffee precooled with ice. In some places also they call  national coffee.

White and black: put iced coffee with two scoops of ice cream meringue milk. It can be incorporated sugar syrup. If there are no coffee granita, it can be used a black coffee precooled with ice.

Coffee royal: the brandy or liqueur desired, add sugar (according to taste and depending on the type of alcohol). Heat it up and make it burn, helping to remove a dipper. Add coffee concerned. Pass a coffee service and serve in individual cups.

Café Mazagran: 3 ice cubes glass of rum + 1 + 5 drops of lemon + 1 + 1 teaspoon sugar black coffee or granita. Whisk gently and put a crescent of lemon. It can also be made with brandy and can also be performed in shaker.

You can take a look at our good reviews of some coffee machines and mills of coffee of the highest quality at the best price, making it easier and faster Hospitality your business profitable.

The choice of commercial coffee machine for bars, resto, clubs

The variety of models and brands of professional coffee machines, with so many possibilities allow to cover the specific needs of each business. The important thing is to choose the right for everyone, so definitely the coffee machine rental for offices contribute to the success of the establishment .

Here are some things to consider before choosing a coffee machine for bar, restaurant or cafe.

1. Type of coffee : The format best suited to your store depends on the type of restaurant business you have raised. This is very important because with your coffee should be able to produce a cup of coffee that go well with your business establishment.
For example, if it is a smallrestaurant , a machine forfiltered coffee is appropriate, or maybe a coffee vacuumcapable of making a light coffee with a touch of sophistication.You can even use coffee plunger with a good gourmet coffee.

But if it is a coffee shop, where it will be the protagonist of your business you should always have an espresso machine .
If you are interested in being able to provide a perfect cup of coffee every time, it is important to ensure the reliability of the machine, observe the markings and information to justify the initial investment.

2. Size : You must consider the amount of space that will be allocated to the coffee machine. This should be large enough to meet the demand of its customers during peak hours with fast service, but not too large as well as take away space for preparción other foods will mean more investment, perhaps greater maintenance or more coffee grounds at the end of the day.

3. Budget : The coffee machine is an investment, it is important to note that a quality machine is capable of producing quality coffee and great tasting.

4. Complexity : Before becoming a machine is essential to decide between a coffee easily available to anyone or get involved in staff training to use use. It makes no sense to have a difficult machine to operate or with many options, which in many cases involves a large outlay, if you do not have the qualified staff to operate it . If it is not likely that a simpler machine can do better coffee and faster .

5. Maintenance . Select an easy machine to clean to avoid using too much time on maintenance. No matter how many features have commercial coffee, cleaning elements is essential to the preparation of a good coffee.

6. Availability of parts .Sometimes, the need to replace any part of the machine is inevitable and should be considered buying a machine in which the parts are widely available.

7. Mode purchase . The fact of not having to buy the coffee machine makes it very tempting proposals from companies toasters that use different methods to provide its customers with machine to using exclusively their coffee. It can be in the form of rent for a lump sum or monthly loan . The latter model usually involves a minimal amount of consumption per month to enjoy this privilege.

Of course this creates a commercial tie with the supplier and restricts the choice of types of coffee could use. It is true that slowly expands the commercial offer and toasters offer more variety of coffee for the hotel.
11But if you are really interested in going to serve coffee, freedom of choice will no doubt offer many more possibilities.

The coffee is decisive in preparing good coffee but to differentiate yourself is also vital grain of coffee selected , the ground and the expert handof professional barista.

English is learned in bars

Who believes that learning English is boring and monotonous it has not gone through the Totes bar and Friends. A space that offers clients the opportunity to take some beers in good company with a particularity: inside exchanges of this language every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are made from 20:30. A proposal that people who are learning English are especially welcome, since for the modest price of a drink cooler in the bar, the language is practiced.

The architect of this invention is Totes Phillips. An Englishwoman who after visiting many cities in Spain came to Granada and fell in love with the city, why they decided to establish their new home here. As not understand a word of Spanish, thought it best to mount a bar, “where communication is much easier” with the idea to master.

Three years later, Totes Phillips is very happy with the results and is already setting new goals, such as to include exchanges of German at the bar, but has not yet begun and in principle would be for a month, while exchanges English are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30 every day of the year.

And the next question is: What snacks can put a monkey in a tapas bar in Granada ?.Totes response: “everything”. For the same surprised with omelette and olives with an authentic English afternoon tea, depending on the day.

For exchanges, it is common that stakeholders feel at the tables inside the place, where they share space with native English speakers with whom they begin to engage in conversation. Luis Miguel Perez is a young man who takes two weeks attending the bar with two friends.

An experience, as related, not ashamed, because from the first moment arose “many spontaneous conversations” with the natives who shared table. Also, Luis Miguel Perez explains that these exchanges seem great because in his opinion “if you learn one language grammar then you can not even say hello or anything,” he said.

Maria Jesus Gavilan, who has gone to Totes and friends with Luis Miguel Perez and another friend relates that the first time it gave a little embarrassed, and jokes that says wine almost “forced” manner by Luis Miguel. However once tasted, it is not as uncomfortable as the talks are varied: “The other day we were talking about places we had visited each and even insects,” he says.

Fran Porras is another youth who came with a friend Totes bar. After graduating in Environmental Sciences he says it can not find work, why he decided to begin to study on como aprender ingles em um ano. It’s her first day at Totes y Amigos, and as he says, not doing anything wrong. “I had been thinking about coming time, but did not know where he had these exchanges, I looked online, I saw it and I’m here with a friend.” Even being the first time, Fran Porras says “it sure will go well”.

For those with a more advanced level, there is also a club. Each month we read a book, in Spanish or English. Once the end, the components of this club go to the bar Totes y Amigos for a debate on the reading done. A fun way to learn English with laughter and reeds.

Nightlife being on a diet

Nightlife being on a diet seems a martyrdom. The main diet bans all concentrate on evening out, what to do?

During our diets it is normal we go out for a drink occasionally. We should not forbid anything, but if it is true that we must learn to economise. Nightlife being on a diet is possible, says these tricks.

There are two very important points for not worth forget that we are on a 3 week diet plan:

  1. We’ll lose part of the great effort made so far.
  2. If you have eaten enough, you can not afford to drink a lot.

As we said, the ban is never the solution, you just have to dip into some small tricks to make our cups lighter.


Betting on wine at dinner, if you prefer something with more grace than water, he asks wine; but has no alcohol, no gas, unlike beer or bleeding.

Nothing sweet cocktails:  the rich cocktails mixed fruit, alcohol and sugar through a tube (mojito, caipirinha, etc.) should be avoided.

Light mixes:  when mixing, opt for juices or carbonated water with squeezed lemon. Goodbye to the tonic and carbonated drinks.

Takes advantage of the ice: lengthen your glasses adding ice, thus avoid repeating.

However, if one day you jump a little diet, the next day, do not abandon your steadfastness, thinks that also deserve little quirks occasionally. Surely you’ve earned.

This modality, coordinated by professionals, facilitates communication and provides an opportunity to resolve conflicts and problems associated with overweight and other eating disorders.

It works with educational materials on eating habits, nutrition, physical activity and health. Diet Club also has, with individual programs, adapted to the possibilities of each person.

Our custom plans are based on the “C system” , a system of credits created the Dr. Alberto Cormillot .

The C system assigns each food a value or credit, taking into account not only the calories it has, but also the presence or absence of protective or harmful to health components.

Continuing advances in training and experience of our professionals enable Diet Club to help participants to achieve weight possible, enjoy the pleasure of eating, a new body and a new way of thinking and acting, with approaches that prioritize their needs and personal characteristics.

Thousands of participants and enjoy the results of a healthier life.

The best way to clean Bars and Clubs

Through the years it has not changed much in most bars and nightclubs. The bar and club venues can be bigger, come in different themes, serve a wider variety of spirits, charging entrance fees and play different music, but through this year cleaning problems have always remained constant.
No matter how much you spend in a nightclub interior decoration, you can always draw a crowd. Alcohol, chewing gum and cigarette smoking are the three main factors contributing to cleaning nightclubs problems. You can not ruin or damage such phases attracted nightclubs. How?
Alcohol is definitely a big cleaning problem because alcohol becomes sticky when dry. Whether beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks or water polo, the result is always the same. hard floors, carpet cleaners London, bar counters, tables and chairs are always sticky and no one likes to be stuck to the floor when they are trying to get one of Michael Jackson best dance moves.
An ideal solution to clean sticky floor is a scrubbing floors or washing machine. The scrubber rub, wash and dry floors in a single pass through its unique design double cylindrical brush.Only tap water is used and hard floors or carpets short to its original state in minutes hair is restored.
Chewing gum litter is another problem that does not seem to disappear. Each year, the problem of gum litter and smoking bans in places looks worse. Traditionally, chemical or high pressure solutions for water systems used to remove chewing gum, but they are not practical for inside.
However, the characteristics of chewing gum removal innovated in some steam cleaning, this problem is no longer viral. Several bars and clubs in Australia are now using Pro Jetvac, the chewing gum remover. Ideally interior and can be used both hard floors and carpets. You can remove up to 700 gum per hour.
Steam cleaner is the only machine that has the ability to convert a smoking room non-smoking room in less than an hour. You can remove smoke stains and deodorized surface as well.Comes with a variety of tools and accessories that can clean the floors, walls, windows, furniture, benches, tables, bar counters, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, bars disco and other areas.
And before another update is performed, bars and nightclubs should start using cleaning machines and steam cleaner Jetvac Pro and mopping the floor, the best way to clean bars and nightclubs that will surely reduce costs in the form ecological.

5 bar Movie What do exist

When we have a fetish film, that film that has marked us, we have seen 15 times and we know the dialogues, if there is any way that we can enter into it, even for a few minutes, certainly worth . If you’re a big fan of Ratatouille,  sorry … the restaurant , which is set does not exist. But there are other real places that have made set for unforgettable scenes and yes you can go. You have a few that you are caught in national territory, so you do not have to fuck you now a plane to New York to get into some American blockbuster.

‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ Els 4 Gats

vicky-cristina-barcelona-01 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What do exist

Woody Allen, who is an avowed love with Barcelona, wanted to capture in this film the best of Catalan culture, you can watch it here on movie2k filme. And part of the plot would develop in Els 4 Gats , a mythical Barcelona restaurant with lots of history. Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johanson International were to be seen there, actually shooting the movie in 2008 attracted the old city hundreds of onlookers eager to be photographed with actors. But the fame of this local goes far beyond Woody Allen . As a curiosity you should know that is one of the favorite scenarios Carlos Ruiz Zafon and there first exhibited Picasso himself.

The Museo Chicote and ‘Broken Embraces’

the-hugs-broken -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What they do exist

Pedro Almodóvar knew what he was doing. So he chose the legendary Museo Chicote of Madrid’s Gran Via to recreate one of the main scenes of Broken Embraces . Yes, we are talking about the famous cocktail bar where drinks swelled to Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren and Ernest Hemingwey. They say they drank up water vases. But back to Broken Embraces , in the Museo Chicote it is where the actress Blanca Portillo tells his son and Lluis Homar a record kept secret for years. And there I stay to not make a spoiler .

The flamenco show of ‘Eight Basque surnames’

Eight-surname-Basque-movie-image-002 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What do exist

Nothing is what it seems in this movie of Emilio Martinez Lazaro. Did you know that the bar where Rafa and Amaia known is not really in Seville? Do not be gullible. The images Triana Bridge, Guadalquivir and Torre del Oro yes they are real, but the flamenco show where the love story between Andalusia and the Basque begins is in Mondragón, Guipúzcoa . Specifically it was filmed at the Cultural Center Al-Andalus and its extras are not Andalusian, but Basque: Arrasate, Eibar and Lasarte. But this is not the local tablao only thing in the film Eight Basque surnames , there is also an important sequence in the restaurant where Koldo (the father of the character of Amaia) meets Rafa (Dani Rovira). It is called Bedua and I will let the coordinates. In the GI-3812 road between Zumaia and Oikia, you can enjoy a good txakolí and a film skewers.

Star restaurant ‘Truman’

Truman-4-e1456131082915 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What do existOne of the favorite restaurants Julian (Ricardo Darin’s character) is the Dstage in Regueros street in Madrid. His owner is Diego Guerrero and, if not ring a bell, just go look in the Michelin Guide. Has a star and is an ace fusion cuisine. The chef opened the door to Cesc Gay , director of Truman to be filmed there the film that proved to be the most awards at the Goya. It’s hard, but at the same time tender. It is the story of a patient with terminal cancer who no longer mince words and says everything he thinks.

The cafe ‘Amélie’

amelie1-e1456131866272 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What they do existIt’s where Amélie worked as a waitress and since it opened in 2001, this Parisian cafe has ‘hit the pitch’. In fact, thanks to the film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the Café des 2 Moulins of Montmartre has become a tourist attraction for fans of Amélie . In his honor, and to harness the pull advertising, one of the menus is named after the young and original photos of the dwarves are on the counter.

7 bar movie that actually exist


Have a drink in the Rick’s Cafe de Casablanca is an impossible task. Not that I have demolished, is that never existed, it was no more than a set constructed in a store in Hollywood. It ‘s not what happens with these 7 bars of film open to the public that CINEMANÍA selected, real locations that cinema has become scenes of passion, feigned orgasms, frustrated tastings, impossible romances, dances waitresses, family breakfasts and some truly disturbing moment. If you are planning your next trip movie, can you come well to take note of the following locations and you can find it on putlocker .

KATZ DELI’S (Manhattan, NY)
in When Harry Met Sally (Rob Reiner, 1989)


Katz’s Deli is famous among residents of Manhattan for its pastrami sandwiches and worldwide by the fake orgasm played by a young Meg Ryan (Sally). While he is eating with Billy Crystal (Harry), trying to prove that men can not recognize a fake orgasm.The scene has been recreated many times by tourists and fans of the film, the usual clientele not be shocked if you feel like moan like to sink my teeth into your sandwich.

Average price: € 10-15 for a sandwich + drink (+ 10% gratuity) Customer opinion:“Yes, they make the best sandwich Pastrami New York, but is expensive and usually quite full.”



Cafe des 2 Moulins (Montmartre, Paris)
in Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)


Since the film premiered, this charming cafe in Monmartre became a place of worship for fans of Amélie Poulain: you can take a picture at the bar gnome com traveler or curious take home souvenirs . If you’re in the neighborhood and you fancy a burger with fried egg or Amélie menu , this quiet coffee with mustard -colored ceilings and lace curtains can be what you want.

Average price: 04.02 € for a coffee Customer opinion: “Cafeteria too touristy. Head over if you loved the movie, do yourself a picture and looking for a quieter place for coffee “.



The Hitching Post (Buellton, California)
in Sideways (Alexander Payne, 2004)


The wines served at this restaurant makes himself restaurant’s owner, Frank Ostini, with his friend Gray Hartley in the vineyards Hartley Ostini Hitching Post. Head overto have a drink and the best fries in Southern California according to the LA Times , and you may leave as happy as Jack (Thomas Haden Church).

Average price: menu for € 17-35 / person. If you want to accompany with a bottle of wine adds 15 to 20 € (+ 10% gratuity) Customer opinion: “Meat and wine served here close to perfection. Call ahead to reserve table, the wait is usually about one hour. ”



NEW YORK GRILL (Hotel Park Hyatt, Tokyo)
in Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003)


The bar where Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) and Bob (Bill Murray) is known at the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. There you can enjoy incredible views of the Japanese capital while you take a LIT cocktail, named in honor of the film.

Average price: Cena by 95-180 € / person. Customer opinion: “If your budget allows, this is the best American restaurant in Tokyo”.



CARVER COFFEE (Damascus, Oregon)
in Twilight (Catherine Hardwicke, 2008)


In the first installment of the saga Twilight , Bella (Kristen Stewart) is with her father (Billy Burke) in this little cafe that is open to the public since the 50s . In their menu you will find very full breakfasts and quick meals, plus you you can wear a T – shirt designed especially for fans of the movie . For the most attentive: Stephenie Meyer, the author of the novels, makes a cameo in a scene that takes place in this establishment.

Average price: Breakfast 10.02 € / person (+ 10% gratuity) Customer opinion: “The service is a bit slow and the quality of food, reasonable”.




Caesar’s RESTAURANT (Gardena, California)
in Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001)


This could be the typical breakfast diner American that you go for fried eggs with bacon or some pancakes with syrup. But no. Under the name of Winkie’s, there one of the most terrifying scenes Lynch universe was filmed. You can come and eat at the same table as Patrick Fischler and Michael Cooke, but be careful and do not go near the containers too of that is in the back.

Average price: Breakfast 10.05 € / person (+ 10% gratuity). Customer opinion: “The food is amazing, the pancakes are recommended”.



in Coyote Ugly (David McNally, 2000)


Coyote Ugly Saloon shot to fame when Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the novel Eat Pray Love and ex-barmaid, published an article in a major magazine describing his experience. A couple of years later, Hollywood bought the rights and began shooting the film. Currently there are 15 bars Coyote in the world where you can see the waitresses dancing on the bar while drinking cheap tequilla a boot, but this is the authentic and genuine.

Average price: € 1.5 for a beer (+ 10% gratuity). Customer opinion: “The drink is quite cheap, but the waitresses to get you to spend your last ticket”.

The most famous bars in the history of cinema

“Of all the cafes and the world, she appears in mine.” Are the words that Rick, played by Humphrey Bogart superb, pronounced during one of the climactic scenes of Casablanca, Michael Curtiz’s classic. The protagonist and regrets the moment when Ilsa, the woman of his life, entered the premises he owned, the

Rick’s Cafe Americain . It’s just one of the peak moments of film history happens in bars, clubs or restaurants. The writer Jesus Lens collects some of the most famous in Café-Bar Cinema , a volume that shows that the gambling dens where you can eat, drink, talk or flirt, publicly, have their quiet corner in the history of cinema and television. Not all, though, have the class run by Bogart. Some are more pimps, like The boob screwed to Open at dawn . However, as suggested Lens, who do not like to enjoy some Reposado Cuervo with George Clooney as Salma Hayek dancing on the bar? That yes, we must have a figure in mind: most customers are vampires and surely want to drink your blood after the show. Far less sexy and more depressing is the street stall where Harrison Ford eating noodles in Blade Runner . As we arereminded Café-Bar Cinema is the year 2019, it pours, the city of Los Angeles does not seem the best place to live and Dick Deckard will receive nothing pleasant mission. Speaking of science fiction, Lens not forget mention the most famous in the history of the genre bar: canteenMos Eisley in The Star Wars . Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi enter this curious dive in search of a pilot, and there will meet Hans Solo and Chewbacca, two essential characters for galactic saga. Incidentally, fans of the franchise have the opportunity to meet truly curious beings who respond to such exotic names as Momaw Nadon, Takeel, Kabe, Muftak, Kitik Keed’kak, Melas, Ketwol, Myoo, Feltipern Trevagg, Labria, Nabrum Leids, Bo-Shek, Djas Puhr, Dr. Evazan or Ponda Baba, among others. However, if there is a genre that has turned the bar into an almost inescapable place is the western . Lens reminds us how some of the most memorable moments of this type of films have taken place in the legendary saloons . Classic movie2k fans will remember, for example, as a drunken Dean Martin recovered a coin from the spittoon one of these gambling dens in Rio Bravo, one of the masterpieces of Howard Hawks. More recently, another saloon , that of Big Whiskey , became the axis on which turns much of the plot of Unforgiven , one of the last classic films cowboys . Prostitutes work there that Clint Eastwood charge, an old gunslinger who has returned to his old ways to get money, the difficult task of killing the men who cut the face of one of them. It’s just one more example of the relevance of bars, cafes and clubs have in the history of cinema and television. Lens importance that Jesus summed up in the over 450 pages of C AFE-Bar Cinema , a book that is eaten with the same pleasure a good glass of whiskey.