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5 bar Movie What do exist

When we have a fetish film, that film that has marked us, we have seen 15 times and we know the dialogues, if there is any way that we can enter into it, even for a few minutes, certainly worth . If you’re a big fan of Ratatouille,  sorry … the restaurant , which is set does not exist. But there are other real places that have made set for unforgettable scenes and yes you can go. You have a few that you are caught in national territory, so you do not have to fuck you now a plane to New York to get into some American blockbuster.

‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ Els 4 Gats

vicky-cristina-barcelona-01 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What do exist

Woody Allen, who is an avowed love with Barcelona, wanted to capture in this film the best of Catalan culture, you can watch it here on movie2k filme. And part of the plot would develop in Els 4 Gats , a mythical Barcelona restaurant with lots of history. Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johanson International were to be seen there, actually shooting the movie in 2008 attracted the old city hundreds of onlookers eager to be photographed with actors. But the fame of this local goes far beyond Woody Allen . As a curiosity you should know that is one of the favorite scenarios Carlos Ruiz Zafon and there first exhibited Picasso himself.

The Museo Chicote and ‘Broken Embraces’

the-hugs-broken -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What they do exist

Pedro Almodóvar knew what he was doing. So he chose the legendary Museo Chicote of Madrid’s Gran Via to recreate one of the main scenes of Broken Embraces . Yes, we are talking about the famous cocktail bar where drinks swelled to Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren and Ernest Hemingwey. They say they drank up water vases. But back to Broken Embraces , in the Museo Chicote it is where the actress Blanca Portillo tells his son and Lluis Homar a record kept secret for years. And there I stay to not make a spoiler .

The flamenco show of ‘Eight Basque surnames’

Eight-surname-Basque-movie-image-002 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What do exist

Nothing is what it seems in this movie of Emilio Martinez Lazaro. Did you know that the bar where Rafa and Amaia known is not really in Seville? Do not be gullible. The images Triana Bridge, Guadalquivir and Torre del Oro yes they are real, but the flamenco show where the love story between Andalusia and the Basque begins is in Mondragón, Guipúzcoa . Specifically it was filmed at the Cultural Center Al-Andalus and its extras are not Andalusian, but Basque: Arrasate, Eibar and Lasarte. But this is not the local tablao only thing in the film Eight Basque surnames , there is also an important sequence in the restaurant where Koldo (the father of the character of Amaia) meets Rafa (Dani Rovira). It is called Bedua and I will let the coordinates. In the GI-3812 road between Zumaia and Oikia, you can enjoy a good txakolí and a film skewers.

Star restaurant ‘Truman’

Truman-4-e1456131082915 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What do existOne of the favorite restaurants Julian (Ricardo Darin’s character) is the Dstage in Regueros street in Madrid. His owner is Diego Guerrero and, if not ring a bell, just go look in the Michelin Guide. Has a star and is an ace fusion cuisine. The chef opened the door to Cesc Gay , director of Truman to be filmed there the film that proved to be the most awards at the Goya. It’s hard, but at the same time tender. It is the story of a patient with terminal cancer who no longer mince words and says everything he thinks.

The cafe ‘Amélie’

amelie1-e1456131866272 -mileniales- 5 bar Movie What they do existIt’s where Amélie worked as a waitress and since it opened in 2001, this Parisian cafe has ‘hit the pitch’. In fact, thanks to the film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the Café des 2 Moulins of Montmartre has become a tourist attraction for fans of Amélie . In his honor, and to harness the pull advertising, one of the menus is named after the young and original photos of the dwarves are on the counter.