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7 bar movie that actually exist


Have a drink in the Rick’s Cafe de Casablanca is an impossible task. Not that I have demolished, is that never existed, it was no more than a set constructed in a store in Hollywood. It ‘s not what happens with these 7 bars of film open to the public that CINEMANÍA selected, real locations that cinema has become scenes of passion, feigned orgasms, frustrated tastings, impossible romances, dances waitresses, family breakfasts and some truly disturbing moment. If you are planning your next trip movie, can you come well to take note of the following locations and you can find it on putlocker .

KATZ DELI’S (Manhattan, NY)
in When Harry Met Sally (Rob Reiner, 1989)


Katz’s Deli is famous among residents of Manhattan for its pastrami sandwiches and worldwide by the fake orgasm played by a young Meg Ryan (Sally). While he is eating with Billy Crystal (Harry), trying to prove that men can not recognize a fake orgasm.The scene has been recreated many times by tourists and fans of the film, the usual clientele not be shocked if you feel like moan like to sink my teeth into your sandwich.

Average price: € 10-15 for a sandwich + drink (+ 10% gratuity) Customer opinion:“Yes, they make the best sandwich Pastrami New York, but is expensive and usually quite full.”



Cafe des 2 Moulins (Montmartre, Paris)
in Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)


Since the film premiered, this charming cafe in Monmartre became a place of worship for fans of Amélie Poulain: you can take a picture at the bar gnome com traveler or curious take home souvenirs . If you’re in the neighborhood and you fancy a burger with fried egg or Amélie menu , this quiet coffee with mustard -colored ceilings and lace curtains can be what you want.

Average price: 04.02 € for a coffee Customer opinion: “Cafeteria too touristy. Head over if you loved the movie, do yourself a picture and looking for a quieter place for coffee “.



The Hitching Post (Buellton, California)
in Sideways (Alexander Payne, 2004)


The wines served at this restaurant makes himself restaurant’s owner, Frank Ostini, with his friend Gray Hartley in the vineyards Hartley Ostini Hitching Post. Head overto have a drink and the best fries in Southern California according to the LA Times , and you may leave as happy as Jack (Thomas Haden Church).

Average price: menu for € 17-35 / person. If you want to accompany with a bottle of wine adds 15 to 20 € (+ 10% gratuity) Customer opinion: “Meat and wine served here close to perfection. Call ahead to reserve table, the wait is usually about one hour. ”



NEW YORK GRILL (Hotel Park Hyatt, Tokyo)
in Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003)


The bar where Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) and Bob (Bill Murray) is known at the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. There you can enjoy incredible views of the Japanese capital while you take a LIT cocktail, named in honor of the film.

Average price: Cena by 95-180 € / person. Customer opinion: “If your budget allows, this is the best American restaurant in Tokyo”.



CARVER COFFEE (Damascus, Oregon)
in Twilight (Catherine Hardwicke, 2008)


In the first installment of the saga Twilight , Bella (Kristen Stewart) is with her father (Billy Burke) in this little cafe that is open to the public since the 50s . In their menu you will find very full breakfasts and quick meals, plus you you can wear a T – shirt designed especially for fans of the movie . For the most attentive: Stephenie Meyer, the author of the novels, makes a cameo in a scene that takes place in this establishment.

Average price: Breakfast 10.02 € / person (+ 10% gratuity) Customer opinion: “The service is a bit slow and the quality of food, reasonable”.




Caesar’s RESTAURANT (Gardena, California)
in Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001)


This could be the typical breakfast diner American that you go for fried eggs with bacon or some pancakes with syrup. But no. Under the name of Winkie’s, there one of the most terrifying scenes Lynch universe was filmed. You can come and eat at the same table as Patrick Fischler and Michael Cooke, but be careful and do not go near the containers too of that is in the back.

Average price: Breakfast 10.05 € / person (+ 10% gratuity). Customer opinion: “The food is amazing, the pancakes are recommended”.



in Coyote Ugly (David McNally, 2000)


Coyote Ugly Saloon shot to fame when Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the novel Eat Pray Love and ex-barmaid, published an article in a major magazine describing his experience. A couple of years later, Hollywood bought the rights and began shooting the film. Currently there are 15 bars Coyote in the world where you can see the waitresses dancing on the bar while drinking cheap tequilla a boot, but this is the authentic and genuine.

Average price: € 1.5 for a beer (+ 10% gratuity). Customer opinion: “The drink is quite cheap, but the waitresses to get you to spend your last ticket”.