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English is learned in bars

Who believes that learning English is boring and monotonous it has not gone through the Totes bar and Friends. A space that offers clients the opportunity to take some beers in good company with a particularity: inside exchanges of this language every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are made from 20:30. A proposal that people who are learning English are especially welcome, since for the modest price of a drink cooler in the bar, the language is practiced.

The architect of this invention is Totes Phillips. An Englishwoman who after visiting many cities in Spain came to Granada and fell in love with the city, why they decided to establish their new home here. As not understand a word of Spanish, thought it best to mount a bar, “where communication is much easier” with the idea to master.

Three years later, Totes Phillips is very happy with the results and is already setting new goals, such as to include exchanges of German at the bar, but has not yet begun and in principle would be for a month, while exchanges English are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30 every day of the year.

And the next question is: What snacks can put a monkey in a tapas bar in Granada ?.Totes response: “everything”. For the same surprised with omelette and olives with an authentic English afternoon tea, depending on the day.

For exchanges, it is common that stakeholders feel at the tables inside the place, where they share space with native English speakers with whom they begin to engage in conversation. Luis Miguel Perez is a young man who takes two weeks attending the bar with two friends.

An experience, as related, not ashamed, because from the first moment arose “many spontaneous conversations” with the natives who shared table. Also, Luis Miguel Perez explains that these exchanges seem great because in his opinion “if you learn one language grammar then you can not even say hello or anything,” he said.

Maria Jesus Gavilan, who has gone to Totes and friends with Luis Miguel Perez and another friend relates that the first time it gave a little embarrassed, and jokes that says wine almost “forced” manner by Luis Miguel. However once tasted, it is not as uncomfortable as the talks are varied: “The other day we were talking about places we had visited each and even insects,” he says.

Fran Porras is another youth who came with a friend Totes bar. After graduating in Environmental Sciences he says it can not find work, why he decided to begin to study on como aprender ingles em um ano. It’s her first day at Totes y Amigos, and as he says, not doing anything wrong. “I had been thinking about coming time, but did not know where he had these exchanges, I looked online, I saw it and I’m here with a friend.” Even being the first time, Fran Porras says “it sure will go well”.

For those with a more advanced level, there is also a club. Each month we read a book, in Spanish or English. Once the end, the components of this club go to the bar Totes y Amigos for a debate on the reading done. A fun way to learn English with laughter and reeds.