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Guidelines and dangers of the amazing HCG diet party!

The weight loss diets rely on very different methods, but certainly the proposal from the HCG diet is one of the most striking. A combination of hormonal injections along with a severe diet limited to 500 calories per day that promises abundant and rapid weight loss.

This diet proposes the use of injections of the hormone HCG, which is released naturally during pregnancy, sending a signal to the hypothalamus so that the accumulated fat in certain areas, such as the hips or abdomen , is directed to the growth of the fetus. By artificially injecting or supplying this hormone with drops, the same effect is achieved, which makes it possible to support a very low calorie diet without going hungry.

Guidelines and dangers of the HCG diet

Injections or drops of the HCG hormone are given three times a day, one shot before each meal. These meals are firmly restricted, after two days of free consumption of calories and consumption of fat that accumulates for the rest of the cycle begins the most intense and long phase of the diet.

In this second phase meals can only be made up of one hundred grams of white meat or fish and accompanied by only one type of vegetable. A small amount of bread and fruit is allowed to accompany or snack between meals, along with the consumption of liquids (water, coffee and tea without sugar). This period has a duration of three weeks, after which it is passed to a phase of consumption of 1500 daily calories, provided that avoiding pasta, rice, potatoes and sweets. Once the diet is finished, a second cycle can begin with the same guidelines.

The defenders of this diet ensure that there is no risk as long as it is done under medical supervision, but among the side effects are nutritional deficiencies, headaches or fatigue, which is why it is not recommended to play sports when the diet is being followed HCG In any case it is not recommended to perform more than four cycles in a row to avoid long-term problems.