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For 2016, Mimi has recovered a beauty. And the change, it begins in the kitchen: former chef Éloi Dion has been replaced since January by Ali El Garani, passed by La Buvette Simone, the Hambar or the Pullman. A year after its opening in Old Montreal, the bar and night club offers a brand new menu. But the kitchen remains “disheveled”, as promised by the website of Mimi the Night: “We do not take the head, it’s no fuss here,” assures Edward Zaki, the owner.

The menu has been extended, with more dishes of the day and homemade sausages – one of the specialties of the new chef. The menu now offers an audacious blend of comfort food and fresh, light cuisine: you can eat a scallop ceviche or a kefta burger. “It’s a much more accessible new kitchen faucets, in a refreshment style. People want something friendly but still good on the plate, comments Edward. In short, the result is well balanced. “

A menu with no way, less gastronomic, more simple and accessible, with dishes that you can eat standing and with one hand – which adapts better to the context of bar and nightclub. “We kept the blackened chicken hay sauce [specialty of Mimi] and other dishes, but we wanted less butter and sauce and more bar food, but well done. More things roasted and grilled too. At the end of the meal, the new pastry chef Kimberley Legaré-Baril offers four small desserts that are much more elaborate.

Contemporary cuisine blends a decoration of wood and metal, warmth and modernity – a setting that has earned the Mimi the jury prize of Commerce Design Montréal 2015. Rather large, the Mimi the Night also has three Private rooms for groups. “You can accommodate corpos events in a different environment,” says Edward, “brick walls, a more hushed atmosphere, no white tablecloths … We also have visual equipment available. “

The dining room can accommodate those who want to get away from the bar, where the cocktails are always as inventive. On the atmosphere, the music is more present; It is also to adjust to this nightlife atmosphere that the menu has been modified. In short, the Mimi takes a more festive turn!