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My skin is not afraid of black! I’m ready to go out at night!!

It’s been several dozen tickets I beard with my bathroom évinçage, essential to prevent the heart attack to He-Man on removal in 2011.
Given the sorry state of my skin suffering the pangs of Implanon ( implant invisible and forgettable contraception if there were not so many side effects  ) I cracked.
But I cracked reasonably.
And it’s all Karine’s fault first!

She had written a laudatory note on the site  Sasa , a webseller domiciled in Hong Kong at which I would never have ordered usual. I was too frightened to buy so far, and especially to buy products whose composition and promises were written in Asian hieroglyphics.
But my skin was really too rotten, you had to do something. And the price of the dollar was super advantageous, I had no reason not to crack!
Here I sincerely hope Musclor read the previous paragraph and it will thus be understood that these purchases were necessary  .  Really  .  REALLY He-Man, I swear!  )
First I dutifully filled in on the Internet, helping to blogs Maximum! I spotted some anti-acne products (  wé when I tell you that my rind is a messI not lie to you huh  ) and have consulted the various reviews. A peel-off mask seemed to be unanimous:  the Black pilaten Mask marketed by shills.
He had several arguments in his favor:

I do NOT speak voluntarily to the Sasa command itself (  which happened more than well  ^^) which will make the subject of another post, when I have had the opportunity to have ordered several times on this site .

By cons, know that the shills brand originated in Taiwan and has not really natural compositions but sells a few bestsellers, including the  Black Mask  . On the other hand, prices encourage crackling CB cracking.

On first use  ,  I almost scream scandal in my bar’s bathroom .

After opening the black box and discovered the tube, I really thought it was me who had formed entuber: pressing the body, very flexible, I heard old farts  Sproutch sproutch , the kind of noise Which reach us when the tube is at the end of its life.

Yet it was sealed my tube, merdalors 0_O

In fact I realized: in carton stamped  Sasa , the tube was packed horizontally (must say it had to be damn rattles the widget, he still traveled 9400 km!) And saw the texture I discovered the next day, when I postponed my first test, I quickly barely had to let gravity do its job so that the mask comes out properly from the small hole of the lid.
In effect,  the texture could not be more “plastic”  .
It’s not complicated: I’m sure if I put a Tupperware in the oven, I would get the same kind of viscosity. You see the table.

That said, it’s damn funny since it is relatively compact so  you do not lose any of the product  but against it should not hesitate for ages before applying as it gets cotton to spread.
For the photo, gravity has worked too much and my nutty looks like a fluid when in reality, when it comes out of the tube, it looks like a big drop that holds straight on the finger.
Note the presence of  Polyvinyl  in the composition, the element that allows the mask to stiffen. See that I was not far away with my Tupperware.
If we look more closely, sure:  we do not pat on the natural  but I’ve seen much worse. We thus find a paraben, recently disrupted endocrine disruptor but also EDTA tetrasodé, reputed irritant.
For that price I did not expect any-bio anyway!

Today, I am committed to certain rituals of beauty, the same ones that allowed me to find a skin almost rid of all my imperfections! The Black Mask is part of a quintet of products that have become indispensable to me quickly . I have 7 applications for the moment and I have adopted the right reflexes to make the most of it.

First of all, and as every day, I clean my face. Twice a week, I erase. And half the time, after the scrub and perfectly dry, I spread my  Black Mask  , enjoying my pores are dilated to dislodge the most blackheads.

What surprises at first so it’s  very rubbery texture  of black ebony product. It delivers serious chemical is certain and the smell that comes closest to the dough rest plastic. I have widely known better level olfactory sensations, but I am ready to spread a stuff that stinks if it is effective.
Then I hasten to spread the texture before it stiffens on the parts of my anatomy concerned:  if I’d generously tartouillée ALL the visage in my first useI never made that mistake again  : In some places, the skin is very fine and although I am a maso hair in my soul, I thought I was going to tear the skin out of my jaw.
So today my intake is limited to the snitch, the snitch wings, cheeks, forehead and chin .

Two mask hazelnuts, enough to target the areas concerned as we recall: not too much and need a thin enough to see the virtues of  Black Mask .
Then shills recommends waiting 20 minutes , during which I am working at various glamorous tasks like dishes or laundry. Or else I can get to the bottom of my couch. Fortunately, given the summer period, there is no risk that a garbage collector or a firefighter will knock on my door to sell his calendars, something that happens systematically in winter when I have a suspicious thing spread on the pear.

By cons, Musclor phone me  tou-days  during the exposure time and his favorite game at this moment is to try to make me laugh to hear small yelps morons who tear my face, because  the mask solidifies enough quickly  . Appearance shiny at first, its black then becomes smooth. I feel like a vinyl record melted on my face. It’s pretty funny. But as usual, the thought of removing this stuff makes me much less laughing.

It's not dry yet!

It’s not dry yet!

And yet my apprehensions fly away very quickly.
I practice the “hamster technique” or “goldfish” which consists of inflating his cheeks or pouting to take off the edges of the mask, without scratching with a nail at the risk of damaging the skin. Once the edges are raised, simply grab it and then pull it gently or as a dressing. It is very easy to remove and unlike peel-off I’ve already triedit does share that in two or three large pieces .

I adore you!

So for sure  ,  it’s not good huh . It would be like saying that a hair removal is always a part of frank laughter: nobody gobble it.
But honestly I expected worse, it’s quite bearable. Besides if you have fluff on the pear, it will squirt at the same time as the pimples.

It’s ready!

But the real happiness is to look at the surface of the dried mask and to see that he did his job well. So for the first time in my life, I could see a big black dot embedded in my cheek, embed itself just as deeply on the mask. Youpii!
Usually they are very difficult to jarter this area, but the  Black Mask  effortlessly succeeds. I spare you the photo of the said black dot, but it is not the envy that I failed to show it to you, gniark gniark.

Il ne reste que quelques tout petits morceaux de masque dispersées à divers endroits de mon visage. Mais en quelques giclées d’eau, tout disparaît alors que croyez-moi, si un morceau noir vient choir dans le lavabo, c’est beaucoup plus coton à nettoyer.


This is AFTER the withdrawal sensations that are less pleasant …
So obviously and as recommended on the tube, I am generous slice of moisturizer right after (  because there aggression issue  ,  one can hardly do better!  ) And I see that my Skin is incredibly smooth.

But  I feel always very small tingling  that are  not  due to an allergic reaction, but the withdrawal of the stiffened mask. As if I were sinking tiny needles into my skin. This effect lasts only ten minutes but I wanted to point not to frighten potential future users of the  Black Mask  who might think to some visceral reaction: no, it saque a bit, this is normal. We wait wisely and it passes by itself.

But what about its real effectiveness then?

For my part, it is absolutely undeniable: I can estimate with near certainty  the loss of two-thirds of my blackheads piffesques!
On the cheeks, the big ones disappear by sight, and I have no more on the chin or on the forehead !! A real cosmetic miracle that I no longer hoped for!
Combined with the action of my other imported products become fetishes, I no longer have big buttons that arise even in ragnagnas, and my skin is really clarified, much less blurred.

Never I would have expected such results but it is clear that they are there, hiiiiiiiiiiiii!

In 2 or 3 large pieces <unk>

I found a newborn skin  ,  and one of the key steps towards this new epidermal era was the acquisition of a peel-off mask  , absolutely uncompromising with impurities  .

The Black Mask Shills has some flaws as its smell not glop  ,  chronic trouble making out the product tube and especially the sensations post-withdrawal not very pleasantbut for the rest  ,  it all good!

Relatively cheap, it may be difficult to source (  Sasa.com is out right now  ,  but remember that Ebay is your friend  ) but  its effectiveness imperfections is re-dou-table !
I have almost no black spots on the face, an unexpected miracle. In addition one can choose the areas to be treated, something impossible with the patches. It is very easy to spread but more to remove a masochistic ritual that eventually you will appreciate seen efficiency.
I have no way of checking how much product remains seen me  completely opaque black tube , but after 7 or 8 masks, it remains in me yet. And anyway I took care to build up a small stock by buying ready-made mask sheets, marketed by the same brand.
However I do NOT recommend this great mask for dry or normal skin  .
For me who has mixed and sensitive skin (  yes it is not incompatible!  ), It is absolutely perfect. For oily skin, it will probably be the Holy Grail ^^
If I had one small complaint to make, I’d love it sells a larger tube, because I am hooked!

With this Black Mask at edifying price-quality ratio, your skin will not crush any more black.