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Nightlife being on a diet

Nightlife being on a diet seems a martyrdom. The main diet bans all concentrate on evening out, what to do?

During our diets it is normal we go out for a drink occasionally. We should not forbid anything, but if it is true that we must learn to economise. Nightlife being on a diet is possible, says these tricks.

There are two very important points for not worth forget that we are on a 3 week diet plan:

  1. We’ll lose part of the great effort made so far.
  2. If you have eaten enough, you can not afford to drink a lot.

As we said, the ban is never the solution, you just have to dip into some small tricks to make our cups lighter.


Betting on wine at dinner, if you prefer something with more grace than water, he asks wine; but has no alcohol, no gas, unlike beer or bleeding.

Nothing sweet cocktails:  the rich cocktails mixed fruit, alcohol and sugar through a tube (mojito, caipirinha, etc.) should be avoided.

Light mixes:  when mixing, opt for juices or carbonated water with squeezed lemon. Goodbye to the tonic and carbonated drinks.

Takes advantage of the ice: lengthen your glasses adding ice, thus avoid repeating.

However, if one day you jump a little diet, the next day, do not abandon your steadfastness, thinks that also deserve little quirks occasionally. Surely you’ve earned.

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