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The choice of commercial coffee machine for bars, resto, clubs

The variety of models and brands of professional coffee machines, with so many possibilities allow to cover the specific needs of each business. The important thing is to choose the right for everyone, so definitely the coffee machine rental for offices contribute to the success of the establishment .

Here are some things to consider before choosing a coffee machine for bar, restaurant or cafe.

1. Type of coffee : The format best suited to your store depends on the type of restaurant business you have raised. This is very important because with your coffee should be able to produce a cup of coffee that go well with your business establishment.
For example, if it is a smallrestaurant , a machine forfiltered coffee is appropriate, or maybe a coffee vacuumcapable of making a light coffee with a touch of sophistication.You can even use coffee plunger with a good gourmet coffee.

But if it is a coffee shop, where it will be the protagonist of your business you should always have an espresso machine .
If you are interested in being able to provide a perfect cup of coffee every time, it is important to ensure the reliability of the machine, observe the markings and information to justify the initial investment.

2. Size : You must consider the amount of space that will be allocated to the coffee machine. This should be large enough to meet the demand of its customers during peak hours with fast service, but not too large as well as take away space for preparciĆ³n other foods will mean more investment, perhaps greater maintenance or more coffee grounds at the end of the day.

3. Budget : The coffee machine is an investment, it is important to note that a quality machine is capable of producing quality coffee and great tasting.

4. Complexity : Before becoming a machine is essential to decide between a coffee easily available to anyone or get involved in staff training to use use. It makes no sense to have a difficult machine to operate or with many options, which in many cases involves a large outlay, if you do not have the qualified staff to operate it . If it is not likely that a simpler machine can do better coffee and faster .

5. Maintenance . Select an easy machine to clean to avoid using too much time on maintenance. No matter how many features have commercial coffee, cleaning elements is essential to the preparation of a good coffee.

6. Availability of parts .Sometimes, the need to replace any part of the machine is inevitable and should be considered buying a machine in which the parts are widely available.

7. Mode purchase . The fact of not having to buy the coffee machine makes it very tempting proposals from companies toasters that use different methods to provide its customers with machine to using exclusively their coffee. It can be in the form of rent for a lump sum or monthly loan . The latter model usually involves a minimal amount of consumption per month to enjoy this privilege.

Of course this creates a commercial tie with the supplier and restricts the choice of types of coffee could use. It is true that slowly expands the commercial offer and toasters offer more variety of coffee for the hotel.
11But if you are really interested in going to serve coffee, freedom of choice will no doubt offer many more possibilities.

The coffee is decisive in preparing good coffee but to differentiate yourself is also vital grain of coffee selected , the ground and the expert handof professional barista.