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The most famous bars in the history of cinema

“Of all the cafes and the world, she appears in mine.” Are the words that Rick, played by Humphrey Bogart superb, pronounced during one of the climactic scenes of Casablanca, Michael Curtiz’s classic. The protagonist and regrets the moment when Ilsa, the woman of his life, entered the premises he owned, the

Rick’s Cafe Americain . It’s just one of the peak moments of film history happens in bars, clubs or restaurants. The writer Jesus Lens collects some of the most famous in Café-Bar Cinema , a volume that shows that the gambling dens where you can eat, drink, talk or flirt, publicly, have their quiet corner in the history of cinema and television. Not all, though, have the class run by Bogart. Some are more pimps, like The boob screwed to Open at dawn . However, as suggested Lens, who do not like to enjoy some Reposado Cuervo with George Clooney as Salma Hayek dancing on the bar? That yes, we must have a figure in mind: most customers are vampires and surely want to drink your blood after the show. Far less sexy and more depressing is the street stall where Harrison Ford eating noodles in Blade Runner . As we arereminded Café-Bar Cinema is the year 2019, it pours, the city of Los Angeles does not seem the best place to live and Dick Deckard will receive nothing pleasant mission. Speaking of science fiction, Lens not forget mention the most famous in the history of the genre bar: canteenMos Eisley in The Star Wars . Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi enter this curious dive in search of a pilot, and there will meet Hans Solo and Chewbacca, two essential characters for galactic saga. Incidentally, fans of the franchise have the opportunity to meet truly curious beings who respond to such exotic names as Momaw Nadon, Takeel, Kabe, Muftak, Kitik Keed’kak, Melas, Ketwol, Myoo, Feltipern Trevagg, Labria, Nabrum Leids, Bo-Shek, Djas Puhr, Dr. Evazan or Ponda Baba, among others. However, if there is a genre that has turned the bar into an almost inescapable place is the western . Lens reminds us how some of the most memorable moments of this type of films have taken place in the legendary saloons . Classic movie2k fans will remember, for example, as a drunken Dean Martin recovered a coin from the spittoon one of these gambling dens in Rio Bravo, one of the masterpieces of Howard Hawks. More recently, another saloon , that of Big Whiskey , became the axis on which turns much of the plot of Unforgiven , one of the last classic films cowboys . Prostitutes work there that Clint Eastwood charge, an old gunslinger who has returned to his old ways to get money, the difficult task of killing the men who cut the face of one of them. It’s just one more example of the relevance of bars, cafes and clubs have in the history of cinema and television. Lens importance that Jesus summed up in the over 450 pages of C AFE-Bar Cinema , a book that is eaten with the same pleasure a good glass of whiskey.