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The types of coffee in Restaurant and Bar

Order a coffee in a bar or restaurant for breakfast or dessert together is something very common. But you know the types of coffee that exist in Hospitality and how to prepare them? Here is a selection of the most popular cafes in bars and restaurants:

Black coffee: the equivalent of the Italian espresso.

Coffee cut: a black coffee, add 2 to 4 cubic centimeters of hot or cold milk, as requested by the customer. It is served in a small cup, while coffee is served only cup of mocha.

Coffee with milk: half coffee, half milk.

Decaffeinated coffee: can be machine or envelope.

Café Carajillo: traditionally, brandy is heated with a few coffee beans and lemon peel. The freshly brewed coffee is added to the mixture to then filter coffee beans and lemon peel.

Café Bonbon: for sweet lovers: a lot of black coffee with a generous dose of condensed milk over. It is served in crystal glass and mix a delicious caramel flavor is formed.

Café Belmonte is a dreamboat a slug of brandy.

Stained glass of milk: a glass of milk with just a little coffee.

Milk and milk: I like coffee, but has a half milk and half of condensed milk.

Viennese coffee: its basic components are coffee and cream or cream. Similar to Irish coffee, but no alcohol.

Irish coffee: 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 1/4 Irish whiskey, 2/4 of black coffee, 1/4 of cream. Put the sugar in a glass with whiskey. Heat it with the vaporizer and then, turn to burn the alcohol in it. Add a medium cup of coffee and stir just until sugar dissolves well. Add the semi-whipped cream carefully to remain on the surface.Sprinkle a little ground coffee or a coffee beans.

Coffee balalaika: proceed like the Irish, but substitute vodka for Irish whiskey.

Turkish coffee: boiling water when boiling coffee is incorporated, with or without sugar, depends on taste. Let it boil and added with a few drops of cold water. This last operation must be 3 consecutive times. It is served in a jug service, medium or small cup.

Coffee capuccino : put a coffee. Heat the very cold milk with the vaporizer in a jar, thereby forming abundant and consistent foam. Pour the milk foam; it should be at the top. Serve with sugar.

Russian coffee: put two scoops of ice cream or vanilla, to suit the client. Add iced coffee. It can be incorporated sugar syrup. If there are no coffee granita, it can be used a black coffee precooled with ice. In some places also they call  national coffee.

White and black: put iced coffee with two scoops of ice cream meringue milk. It can be incorporated sugar syrup. If there are no coffee granita, it can be used a black coffee precooled with ice.

Coffee royal: the brandy or liqueur desired, add sugar (according to taste and depending on the type of alcohol). Heat it up and make it burn, helping to remove a dipper. Add coffee concerned. Pass a coffee service and serve in individual cups.

Café Mazagran: 3 ice cubes glass of rum + 1 + 5 drops of lemon + 1 + 1 teaspoon sugar black coffee or granita. Whisk gently and put a crescent of lemon. It can also be made with brandy and can also be performed in shaker.

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